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During a 2 hour journey we will introduce your team to visible and invisible culture. Key focus areas: - What is visible and invisible culture? - How does culture impact our behaviour? - Discover whether you are a cultural learner of critic? - Introduction to a culture 3 Colors of Worldview framework Optional: - online assessment and report 3 Colors of Worldview - group report 3 Colors of Worldview
Introduction to Culture
Our cultural drivers have a strong influence on how we think, speak, and act and they can be found at the root of why we do what we do. Depending on the context, these three drivers guide us to one of the following: - Do the right thing - Uphold honor - Maintain power Traditions, rules, and customs can give you knowledge about a culture, but to successfully interact with another cultural, you must go beyond knowledge and into understanding. The ability to see these drivers in yourself and others can greatly aide in understanding and navigating any multi-cultural context. As part of the journey, you will be equipped to more intentionally develop Cultural Agility and Intercultural competences that focus on 3 areas: - Perception management (how do I see the world around me and what information do I gather?) - Self-management (do I understand my (cultural) self - Relationship management (am I equipped to lead/follow in an interculturally complex world) Program Outline 1. Introduction to Cultural Agility and why it is important in our global and diverse world 2. The inner workings of (cultural) perceptions and patterns 3. Introduction to the Three Colors of Worldview and unpacking the report 4. Introduction to the 12 Dimensions of Culture 5. Unpacking the 12 Dimensions of Culture Report Participants will be equipped to connect the ICI framework to the way they live out their personal and organizational values in a global world. This results in more meaningful and effective connecting with colleagues, clients and other stakeholders. The journey includes the Three Colors of Worldview discovery tool and 12 Dimensions of Culture questionnaire, which are completed online as part of the journey pre-work. Participants will receive their personalized reports during the journey. The reports give participants insights in their personal cultural preference.
Cultural Agility for Teams
Managing resources and people has become a whole lot more difficult in 2020. In our virtual world it is crucial to go back to the foundational behaviors that allow managers to rise above the challenges and become an source of inspiration, safety and development. The Everything DiSC Management profile will illuminate your natural management style and will equip you with powerful insights and strategies to take your management to the next level Key focus areas: ​ - Your personal everything DiSC profile - Directing and delegating - Creating a motivational environment - Developing your people - Collaborating with your peers and boss - As a free follow-up to the session participants will be given access to and they will be shown how to pull comparison reports to schedule advanced learning time with their colleagues
Advanced Manager Development
By Combining the personalized insights of DiSC with active emotional intelligence development, participants are equipped with an agile approach to workplace interactions and learn to navigate outside their comfort zone, empowering them to meet the demands of any situation.
Leadership Team Development Skills
We all navigate change in different ways and it is not always easy to articulate why we respond the way we do when change is an ever present factor in our (work)lives. The way we respond to change is influenced predominantly by two components: who we are from a behavioral style and who we are from a cultural perspective. This program will equip leaders to use deep behavioral style and cultural insights to come alongside their people and lead them through change successfully. Focus areas: - My Personal Cultural Preferences (The Three Colors of Worldview; 3C) - How my 3C preferences influence my approach to change - Recognizing different cultural approaches to change - My Personal Behavioral Style (Everything DiSC) - How my DiSC style influences how I handle change - Recognizing how other DiSC styles navigate change Bringing it all together: - Reading your people more effectively - How to build a team-tailored change culture - Implementing your team-tailored change culture
Leading through Change
During these sessions we will equip you to use coaching and intercultural conversational skills to improve communication and collaboration and enhance decision making processes
Conversational Effectiveness
Leadership in our world has become a whole lot more complex. The demands on leaders and managers are more diverse and intense. Today's leaders need to have a depth of insight and a level of agility that was not required in previous generations of leaders. The Everything DiSC Work Of Leaders profile optimally combined with the Three Colors of Worldview will illuminate the leadership behaviors that come easy for you and the leadership behaviors that require you to stretch. The Three Colors of Worldview will give you deep insights in how your cultural wiring shapes your leadership style and how you can adapt your leadership style to lead in a diverse and global context. Focus areas: - My Personal Cultural Preferences (The Three Colors of Worldview; 3C) - How my 3C preferences influence my approach to leadership - Recognizing different cultural approaches to leadership - Using the 3C Litmus Test to be an inclusive leader - My Personal Behavioral Style and leadership (Everything DiSC WOL) - How my behavioral style influences leadership disciplines - Identify Natural leadership strengths - Identify leadership discipline growth areas - Design a strategy to bring Optional extensions: - Use the 3C group report to illuminate the Leadership culture on a leadership team. Learn how to design a culturally agile leadership culture - Use the Everything DiSC Work of Leaders Group report to conduct a gap analysis on all leadership behaviors on the team. Based on the gap analysis we design a path for leadership team growth
Board & MT Assessments
This is a mid-term journey that involves a series of 2-hour sessions and team activities that take place over a period of 6 - 10 months The journey can be designed around the following combination of assessment tools: - Three Colors of Worldview - Everything DiSC Workplace + Three Colors of Worldview - Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team (which integrates Everything DiSC) + Three Colors of Worldview - The Journey will be guided on a fourth generation learning platform and all activities will be journaled and tracked on the platform. This allows learners to stay focused and work together in a combination of facilitated virtual sessions, on-platform collaboration and in-team conversations. Virtual Session modules can include the following: - Introduction to Everything DiSC, unpack your personal report and improving relational effectiveness - Introduction to 3C and unpacking your personal report - Introduction to the four pillars of intercultural teaming - Introduction to Five Behaviors - Unpacking the 5 behaviors: Trust and Conflict - Unpacking the 5 behaviors: Commitment, Accountability, Results - Introducing the process of developing a Team Charter (followed by in-team sessions to discuss the behaviors the team wants to include in the charter - Session to validate and launch the team charter - Session to discuss a strategy to anchor the team charter and make it come alive (Doesn't have to be with the whole team)
High Performing Intercultural Teams
- How can you bring together all different opinions and views? - How do you align your organisation and team with the strategy? - How can you deploy an execute your strategy successfully? - How do you execute strategy in different cultures? Crafting and deploying a strategy is for most leaders a challenge. We help and coach organisations with the strategy process. We developed a thorough methodology to lead you to a strategy that is complete and balanced. Further we offer the Everything DISC Assessment for Leaders. This assessment identifies your personal leadershipstyle for Visio, Alignment and Execution. It will help you to anticipate challenges for designing and executing your strategy.
Strategy Coaching
We are certified consultants for the Wiley Everything Disc assessments. The extensive array of assessments can help you to become better leaders, teams, manager or co-worker.
Everything DiSC Assessments

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