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Our Story

Culturevate Consulting is a dynamic firm deeply rooted in the belief that harnessing the strength of cultural diversity can not only enrich your business but also enhance your personal growth. We specialize in assisting companies and organizations in unlocking the potential of individuals hailing from diverse cultural backgrounds. Our mission is to expand your perspective, positioning you for innovation, market expansion, and robust business relationships.

What sets us apart is our affiliation with the Knowledgeworkx network, boasting certified intercultural consultants spread across 55 countries. By aligning with Knowledgeworkx, a pioneering entity dedicated to refining methodologies and assessments, Culturevate Consulting ensures the highest standards in its approach. This expansive network empowers us to seamlessly deliver our services worldwide, across multiple locations.

Culturevate Consulting is one of the activities of The Tardis Company BV (

Our Team &

Our Partners

Arjen's wealth of experience extends from his tenure as an international partner at a prominent Big 4 firm. Over the years, he has confronted diverse challenges within various organizations and across different industries, granting him invaluable insights into the multifaceted nature of corporate culture. He has witnessed culture act as both a significant stumbling block and a catalyst for success. Arjen is now dedicated to empowering organizations and leaders to harness the power of culture as a driving force in their strategic initiatives, teams, market expansion efforts, and M&A projects.

Arjen's qualifications include certification as a Knowledgeworkx consultant, training as an ICF leadership coach and recognition as an Everything Disc certified consultant. Additionally, his intercultural expertise has been honed through investment ventures in both the Middle East and Europe. Arjen's commitment to social impact is reflected in his role as an advisor to a social impact fund, where he contributes his strategic acumen to foster positive change across cultures.

Founder Culturevate

Arjen Brussé

Global network of intercultural consultants in more than 70 countries! We can deliver globally our services through an extensive network of certified consultants. Where ever you need to train your board or team we can help you. Our consultants are well connected to the local culture and help you build bridges to other markets, teams and people from other cultures.


Knowledgeworkx Network

Marco is the founder and director of KnowledgeWorkx. Through our network of over 600 practitioners, KnowledgeWorkx has expanded into working in 70 countries around the world. Marco’s ability to converse in Arabic, German, Afrikaans, English and Dutch, together with the creation and development of a unique coaching and Learning methodology, sets him apart from other professionals in this competitive field. He has become an expert in understanding the relationship building process among people and uses Inter-Cultural Intelligence to underpin his work in strategic consulting, change management, leadership development and executive coaching.

Founder Knowledgeworkx

Marco Blankenburgh

Our Approach

Culturevate Consulting will help you create more diverse, equitable, and inclusive relationships. We take a personalized approach to every organization we work with, ensuring that your needs are met and that you see progress throughout the process.

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