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Do you want more results by better understanding culture?

  • Uncover the impact of your cultural bias on both your professional and personal relationships.

  • Explore the facets of your own cultural identity.

  • Sharpen your ability to identify and comprehend cultural nuances in your interactions with colleagues, clients, shareholders, and other stakeholders.

  • Boost your results through the enhancement of your Cultural Agility.

  • Discover the art of relishing cultural differences by expanding your worldview.

  • Join over 10,000 individuals spanning 70 countries who are daily reaping the benefits of our Cultural Agility Assessments and Training.

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Will you add your experience here soon?

A very enriching journey into a subject matter that all organizations at some point in the future will recognize the need to embrace in order to operate successfully and harmoniously in a culturally diverse workplace.

Managing Director, Gameplan Solutions

This course is a must-have for any team who works with different cultures in your own team or outside of your team (which should include 99% of all teams in the world at this point.).

Owner, Catalyze Global Consulting

The ideas in this program really challenge you to see beyond your cultural lens in order to better understand how others might view the world differently. It's also challenging me to slow down, listen, and become more curious and adaptable in order to have better relationships and communications with others. Cross cultural interactions are harder than we realize!

Studio Preparatory Academy

Highly relevant, insightful and beneficial training for us and our clients. It undoubtedly enhances attendees' cultural behavior awareness and knowledge. As a result, it provides motivation and techniques to enhance personal flexibility to ensure communications are always well received by all audiences.

Advisory Senior Manager, Ernst & Young

ICI is the biggest breakthrough in inter-cultural analysis for at least three decades and stands out from all other concepts by being so practical to apply with clients.

The Leadership Circle

The ICI opened both my eyes and my heart to the self-culture that I, and we all, have within us. I now have a greater awareness of how I can help create a third-culture space for my clients to flourish in

Co-Founder, North Point Academy

Intercultural knowledge and skills is one of the most underestimated areas in the business world. Through a better understanding of intercultural dynamics the success rate and the effectiveness will increase significantly.

Founder of Culturevate

Moving to the Netherlands from the UAE, I knew I might have some difficulties adapting and integrating. However I was lucky enough to have Arjen as coach. He has a profound ability to dig deep and help you see certain patterns in your behavior that you might not have noticed otherwise. Many of these patterns come from underlying cultural values and beliefs. Arjen has been able to really help me navigate professional and personal life in the Netherlands.

MBA Erasmus Student


Picture this: 95% of teams today navigate the dynamic landscape of intercultural environments or engage in intercultural relationships. Now, here's the kicker – ever wondered just how much potential is slipping through the cracks because of a lack of intercultural agility? It's time to uncover the hidden impact and boost your team's success!

A shepherd in Ireland, a man in China, and a little girl in Holland all declared, "This was a good dog!" How would you respond to these three people?

Despite identical words, they say mean likely something very different. 

Now, transpose this scenario to the business realm. Replace "dog" with key elements like Marketing, Budget, Strategy, Brand, Agreement, and Boardroom Effectiveness. Does you think the meaning remain consistent across cultures?

Authenticating interpretations becomes crucial.

Amidst global migration and the force of globalization, Culturevate Consulting emerges as a seasoned guide in global business and boardrooms. Their experiences reveal a truth: misunderstandings arise from neglecting cultural nuances. Cultural Agility, once a luxury, is now a vital skill in our interconnected world.

In boardrooms, teamwork, organizations, and markets, overlooking cultural diversity and intercultural communication mastery results in tangible losses. In a world shaped by connectivity and cultural intersections, embracing Cultural Agility isn't just wise – it's imperative for success.

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